What should I write in the post?
As a blogger, the most challenging time of my life is when I am ready to write a post but couldn’t get a suitable idea as to what I should write? I only end up taxing my mind too hard and nibbling the teeth in the process. My facial expressions are worth to be seen… (0 comment)

Blogging: Think Big
In our early years of professional life, most of us often end up searching for the most difficult yet obvious question. That million dollar query is what we want to become in future and what we are going to do with our lives? In the earlier days of blogging, most of us are unsure whether… (0 comment)

How Artists Can Use Social Media To Connect With Fans
Art is culture which gets emphatic voice through social media as it has gone to places with sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube etc. It is becoming the enriching platform towards discussing about art online along with getting updated about the upcoming events as well. Marketing is an important constituent which artists cannot overlook… (0 comment)

How can I practice making Present Continuous sentences in the next 5 minutes? – Tips
What are Present continuous sentences? How can I practise them Present continuous tenses are the ones which signifies a moving action. For example, eating, walking, moving, drinking, speaking, shouting etc. Let’s take a look at the ways to construct sentences in Present Tense Use of is/are/am “Ing” will be included in the “main verb”  … (0 comment)

Top 10 Advantages of working in retail sector and earn 5000$ monthly
  Retail sector is booming even more considering the world is becoming smaller thanks to fast paced technological inventions. The geographical locations have no meaning these days as the homogenous mix of the corporate world is a proof of the extent of camaraderie which is being experienced. Yes, likewise, retail sector is experiencing the biggest… (0 comment)