Top 5 Life Insurance Myths

If you thought that getting Life Insurance is no less than climbing Mount Everest, then you need to re-consider your perception. It’s natural for humans to “give-in” to the never ending instructions in the manual thus creating hype that getting Insurance or for that matter “Life Insurance coverage” is quite cumbersome.

The following article will give you a sense of Top 5 life Insurance Myths which do not have even the remotest of reality.

Being single I do not have any reason to apply for insurance coverage

Life has various ups and down and finance backup has to be done in order to face any sort of eventuality. A single person has its own wants. Therefore, life insurance can help you towards covering the cost of personal debts along with the bills related with medial and funeral. If in case, the amount turns out to be surplus, it can be given to charities as they are doing a selfless work in directly assisting downtrodden. Such god-gifted institutions will indeed work wonders for your eternal peace and blessings after you are no more in the worldl. It can’t get more divine than this for sure. Isn’t it?

I do not need life insurance since I have insurance coverage at work

You have your spouse and lovely children whom you love the most. Isn’t it? Won’t you think about them in case of your sudden demise? There are host of other expenses which can crop up and therefore, it becomes imperative for additional coverage in order to make sure that your family was, is and will be happy for ever as well.

My life insurance coverage just needs to be “double” to my yearly salary

Every person has their own set of requirements and needs. Apart from the bills, there are other aspects in the form of paying debt concerning with your mortgage. It is imperative for you to get a hold of the exact amount of insurance which you need for yourself. Hence, there is no parameter that it should not be double to your annual salary.

I can better put my money to other use than getting Life Insurance

In a life with full of uncertainties, you never know the state of affairs which will happen next. If you survive only on the investments, then you cannot afford to take risks owing to the fact that you do not have back up as your current assets are depleted. Therefore, secure your family if you are no more in the world and it can only be done with life insurance. Isn’t it?

My term policy should have return of premium rider

The ROP rider is in direct relation with the amount of risk which you are capable of, coupled with the planning of your investment. You can get a detailed sense of the whole situation by resorting to the cash flow analysis which helps you towards letting you know whether you should go towards investing in the policy itself or some where else.
Finally, after reading the aforesaid top 5 life insurance myths, you will remove various perceptions which have been daunting up till now.  Hence, insurance will not be a subject which gives you headache.  Now, you will not feel depressed and saddened due to the long and tire some paper work attached with the same as well. The amount which goes through buying Life Insurance gets more with the passing time, therefore, insure it in order to lead a life of dignity and respect since you have to eventually get it sooner rather than later. Isn’t it?

What are the fatwas which are against the teaching?

Need to oppose Fatwas which are against Shariat

Whenever and wherever I was opposed, I always made efforts to rectify myself in my work, movement and in my knowledge. Had I been in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh, I could have easily been shot dead by the people with radical mindset. As an Indian Muslim woman, I am saved by its healthy, and strong democracy. People have the misconception that I am competing against Aalim-e-deen, it is certainly not like that. My aim of life is to spread good deeds and stop the bad things (Amr Bil Maroof Nahin Anil Munkar)

List of few Fatwas which I opposed

  1. I faced the anger of Darul Qaza in ensuring punishment to the rapist father Mohammad Hashim
  2. I registered the strongest of opposition on Imrana’s Fatwa. Since, this Fatwa was totally against the light of Quran. Where Imran’s father in law raped her and he became the husband and her husband became her son. I wanted to say that the rapist is an accused, whoever it is. Ulema-e-deen are projecting Imrana to be wrong, then too the Fatwa is not what it should be. Imrana is totally “halal” for her husband, and Imrana has in a halal manner opposed the evil designs of her father-in-law and it was totally against her wishes. If Imrana willingly agreed to have sexual relations with her father-in-law then she was “haraam” for her husband. This is how her father –in-law becomes a criminal. Various women organizations have raised their voice in the hope that Imrana gets justice both in the light of Sharia and Indian law.

Due to 1 fatwa, people in Moradabad performed my last rites. I opposed the Fatwa of a Mufti from Barelvi ideology with the name Mufti Kaleem Abdul Mannan. The incident goes like this that with the death of a paternal uncle, the funeral prayers were performed by his cousin who was having Deoband ideology. And there came the Fatwa that all those who attended the Namaze- janaaza prayers have become kaafirs. And the Nikah of their wives has become null and void. My point of view was that everyone has Imaan in Allah and holy Quran and they pray the same thing in Namaaz. Farz and sunnat are same for everybody. Since, the same things were read in Namaaze-Janaaza which are said in Islam, then how come the Islam of Barelvi is different from that of Deobandi. When the same sunnat binds all the Muslims of the world, then people shouldn’t make fun of themselves by resorting to such cheap tactics. Is the Islam of Arab different from that of India? Secondly, what is the connection of Divorce of women with Namaze- Janaaza (funeral prayers). Do they want them to do Halala? No one has ever been divorced or has become kaafir while attending Namaze – Janaaza. If such incidents have happened at the time of Sahaba-e- kiram, then the accused would have been beaten and thrown out of the country. They are doing serious sin under the garb of a religious head and are presenting a bad picture in front of Non-Muslims. They just want to maintain their (chaudraahat) and they are least bothered whether someone’s life is destroyed. Few narrow minded people opposed me but innocent and great Muslims welcomed me


List of cases to help us get empowerment

Case No. 2 –

Tatheer Fatima has married her daughter Maheen with Faisal’s son Habeen Khan R/0 Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Tatheer’s father lives in Quwait. She was victimized to its maximum possible end. There was no possible body part left from torture. She was silently bearing the wrongdoings. When her mother Tatheer Fatima got to know, then her dauther requested her to save her from this hell fire, or else they will kill her.

Maheen’s husband sent a Talaq Nama (divorce letter) to her through post on 23.01.2010. She as a result, accepted it as a divorce and completed her “Iddat”. Tatheer took information about the importance and significance of this divorce letter from Board. The board got to know about the truth by sending notices to both the places and found the divorce to be legitimate.

According to Shariat, the divorce papers sent by post is not legal, but the victim herself completed “iddat” by considering it to be a legal , hence on such grounds, the divorce has become legal

Case No – 3

The mentioned girl’s mother has already died and her beast father Mr. Aaftab with her friends raped her continuouslys for 3 years.
It is to be noted that the board made the arrangement for the last rites of her mother. Unfortunately, her father along with friends used to come to my Masjid for prayers.

When the physical and mental torture exceeded, then she left the house. As the incident came to my notice, then I guarded her. After her medical checkup, her father was imprisoned for 20 years. Her father’s friend who was a government employee, request her with folded hands to forgive and managed to delete his name from the list. His father’s friends took hold of the house and its belonging and they agreed to pay some money in return, but they never gave.
As a result which I on 25.10.2013 in front of S.G.P.G.I incharge, got her payment from his father’s friends. Even today, his father is threatening her of dire consequences to make him free, but the girl has strongly told that she will not do so. She said, “My life is destroyed but I will ensure that my younger siblings get education and become respectable people of the society away from even the shadow of my father.

Case No – 4

Another case in which AIMWPLB helped the lady get justice and is still fighting for her

The incident dates back to 2007 when Thakurganj area of Lucknow was shamed for the brutality done on a lady. A dalit lady of the area namely Sunita Rawat had gone to the field to give pastures to her animals. Then a neighbor noticing her alone made efforts to rape her. But she objected and didn’t let him. She kept on fighting the rapist. After sometime, her husband Mohan Lal happened to come to her and this infuriated the goon and he killed her husband. Thereafter, he again made efforts to rape her and later luckily his father-in-law came but the rapist threatened him with gun and shot on the head of Sunita. The case was registered.

For ensuring justice, the woman happened to come to the AIMWPLB. The president agreed to help her in all possible manner. Mrs. Shaista Ambar wrote to honorable Prime Minister and President for giving bravery award to Sunita. The district magistrate of Lucknow sent the recommendation twice to honorable President, but Sunia wasn’t lucky enough to get the bravery award. Sunia Rawat ensured that the accused (both murderer and rapist) gets life imprisonment for making her life in danger. She has indeed set an example for women folks. The accused even today threaten her , but she is fully determined to fight till the end along with the women’s board as they want to change his life imprisonment to death penalty.

Why making “enemies” is just as important as “friends” for a successful blogger


It is the trait of a successful blogger that he/she should be extremely social.  If you have a strong base of readers, then it works in your favor. However, in the process you never know when you even start to make enemies as well. Mostly, we feel uncomfortable even at the thought of accommodating so called “enemies”, as they create the grounds of annoyance. However, having said that they can surely do wonders rather than just making us depressed or sad.

You aren’t to be blamed for making enemies

For a blogger, the online world is a vast place where you really don’t know the strength of people who are following your blogs or becoming friends and most importantly on the same lines, you never know how many are turning out to be your enemies as well.

Therefore, it is beyond doubt that you necessarily don’t need to know about your enemies. In the world where competition has become quite intense, it is all but natural that you are inevitably making various enemies in the process.

Even enemies can help you out

Friends help us towards motivating ourselves in our blogging life. However, if you thought that our enemies make our task harder, then you are wrong.

Benefit of having enemies

They indeed help us to become a better human being by constantly forcing us to be on our toes. Since, they give the best competition to analyze our performance on periodical basis.

It doesn’t matter that even though you may be the best natured person on earth, but you might be having enemies. Therefore, as you go through the post further, you will be able to know the ways to make enemies.

You don’t need to be a bad natured person to make enemies

Here, I am not telling you to make enemies by being a bad natured person since, that is the most traditional and easy method which doesn’t benefit you in any manner.

People become jealous because of your work

After all, you would really want to be making enemies from the quality of work which you do. Your work should create a sense of jealousy in their minds. In a short and direct manner, if someone is being pissed off by your work, then you are surely heading on the right way. Just be confident in your approach and believe in what you do.

Reason for their jealousy
  • They might be feeling bad about their own blog just because it doesn’t attain that much of popularity

In short, if you are attaining the charts of popularity, then you will naturally be making enemies.

People might disagree with you

Every individual has his/her set of opinion and it is true that others might have a difference of opinion in what you hold. So, as you share your opinion more and more, you eventually pave the way for differences. Since, there will be people who will disagree with you completely. The difference matters a lot since this creates an air of controversy which has its own benefit in enhancing your reputation and charisma.


Finally, I can say that as you keep on moving up the ladders of success, you will start creating a list of those people who won’t be in good terms with you. They will talk ill about you behind your back while few will openly showcase their level of jealousy in front of you. However, you need to be patient or I should say that you should feel happy that you are becoming popular and successful. After all, there isn’t any one in the top who is being praised by every one and you can’t be an exception for sure.


How can I create a beautiful blog post like a princess

We know the awesomeness associated with princess


  • Are you eyeing towards creating one for you?
  • Do you desperately in need of the same?
  • Has it become too demanding for you because of the circumstances?
  • If yes, then don’t worry.

After all, you are writing for your blog on regular basis and to your utter dismay, you don’t get proper response. Now, you must be feeling hopeless, unlucky and discarded. These are the normal reactions which will automatically come to you. However, you don’t have to worry. You simply need to understand the most obvious as well as basic fact that blogging can’t give you instant results. You have to work continuously from all areas like providing marvelous content, doing proper SEO etc. Even if you are following these religiously, chances are that you might not get speedy results like the way you have wanted before. What to do in such cases? Don’t worry. While reading the following post, you will derive the top two ways of ensuring a marvelous and charismatic blog post.

Have ideas in advance

I want to ask you what is the biggest problem which you come across with, while writing posts? Chances are that you would say “I am not able to come up with interesting ideas which I can implement in my blog post”. Isn’t it? This is not a problem which you just face. Others equally have to bear the same as well. Hence, in such situations what you should do is to generate ideas in advance which can actually help you as you are ready for writing the post. Isn’t it great?

The ideas help you immensely in crafting an interesting post which can prove to be a source of motivation for you in coming up with the post which can further prove to be a “hit”. After all, it is the long cherished dream of every blogger to gain never ending base of readers. Hence, I would suggest you to devote atleast half an hour on alternate days and write down the ideas as and when you come across with. Besides saying your precious time, your post will potentially gain lots of readers’ base as well. Isn’t it great?


Don’t worry about anything else

When you have totally devoted yourself in writing, this is the time when you would be getting various creative ideas and thoughts. Now, as and when you come up with such innovative and interesting thoughts, you should simply write them without caring for the grammatical part. Since, you should leave the editing part for the end. The reason why I am emphasizing on the same is that as you totally use your mind in practically implementing your ideas, you will be able to write all the things which are hovering on your mind. Besides saving time, you will equally ensure a systematic, interesting as well as an informative post like the way you want. Isn’t it great?

Finally, you have now found the best remedy to your monotonous as well as testing times in an easy way. Needless to say that motivation is highly important. You can’t get success without being zealous and energetic in your approach. Isn’t it?

Why to get disheartened with fewer comments? Find the reasons here

Are you a blogger who is getting frequent comments?

Does it bother you?

Are you really fed up and want to experience a change?

Is it taking a toll in your professional life?

Do you think that enough is enough?

If yes is your answer, then don’t worry.

After all, there has been a problem which most of the bloggers are experiencing these days and it is getting fewer comments. As a blog owner, if you are getting fewer comments, then you are certainly not alone since this is becoming quite a common problem which is taking various bloggers  in its stride.

Yes, it is true that a big numbers of blog owners are experiencing far less comments than they used to get before and if they feel discouraged or demoralized in the process, then they themselves will be blamed for the same as well. Since, it shouldn’t be regarded as an alarm.

Let’s find out. How?

Blog commenting is a part of interaction. However, these days there have been so many other platforms in the form of social media sites such as Google Plus. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Hence, due to their presence, a lot of visitors have found an innovative way to establish interaction. Hence, blog commenting is taking back side.

It can be very accurately and emphatically said that social interaction on other platforms have seen a tremendous growth. After all, these days, bloggers are sharing their posts on social media sites for the best exposure and visitors are equally taking part in commenting on the same as well. Needless to say, that the craze of social media sites have risen way more like never before.

Don’t go after the comments, but don’t ignore them as well

A person should go with the times since there are changes which continuously happen. Hence, you don’t need to worry if you are getting few comments as long as your visitors are compensating the same by interacting with you on social media sites. However, on the same lines, never shut the door of improvement as you have to continuously provide awesome content on periodical basis as it gives a sure cut answer to various problems of yours. If you take a look at other blogs for guidance, then it will surely help you as well. So, don’t ignore the same.

Apart from the usual change which most of us experiencing with the advancement and craze of social media sites, it is equally important to look back for any other reason (if any) like

  • Are you regularly providing posts?
  • Has your content quality taken a beating?
  • Are you doing proper SEO as well?

These are some of the most obvious questions which you have to equally find the answer for, as well.


Now, finally as you have read the post you know that blog commenting is not simply everything inspite that you are putting the best of efforts on your blog. Hence, you need to continuously work your way to a pleasant journey of blogging with a positive frame of mind without being too concerned of the fact that you are getting fewer comments. Therefore, work yourself to the fullest in order to continuously provide the best to the readers so that you get the best in return as well.